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We all met very early at 8h30am Saturday, 5 August 2017 at the water refinery plant just on the other side of the Palmiet River. It was a stunning day! and although we were only 9 adults and 4 kids, we were ready to have some fun!

The distance we were planning to cover was 3km. We only completed 1.14km. There was just too much marine debris – mostly poachers littering and millions of two litre plastic bottles. We filled 22 bags and had to carry it all back to the braai site.

Bamboesina van die See from Betty’s Bay was our co-ordinator and local environmentalist – very pedantic about the mess left by the poachers as well as the damage to the fynbos and plants along the trails.

Waiting back at the starting point – site – preparing the boereworsbraai sponsored by Checkers Hermanus, was Louise van Zyl, Jimmy Hattingh, and Loraine Cain.