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Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 7 am. Sunrise is at 07.33am. It was still dark when I left Mossel Bay’s Backpackers and made my way towards the Harbour so that I could start the 1st day along the coast for 32km. To Glentana – all along beach terrain.

I will encounter beach to  Klein Brak River’s mouth and from there it’s pure beach. Easy

Day 2, Thursday: Glentana to Wilderness.

This terrain is tricky due to High Cliffs and who knows what. I will meet Kosie Gericke – an experienced hiker who knows this coast like the back of his hand – and we will follow numerous trails, roads and rocky shore line for a distance of 30 -40km. This could take more than 1 day. Fortunately low tide is at 5:45am. And indeed it went just like that, we started on the beach, then clambered of rocky shores where fishermen frequent and only accessable at low tide. we visited a cave just off Glentana and then hiked along the beach to the ship wreck, up towards a house and along a pathway up and up and up to a dirt road, along another track and hugging the coast until we came above Malgate, where the river mouth was open to cross. Misjudging the waves, I got soaked and goodbye to my mobile phone.

It was a long hike which had to go inland across farmers fields and numerous cattle and pig pens – a disaster zone in terms of litter. The Eden municipality doing nothing to clean up the mess made by the locals living there. Back down a couple of gorges and then up through forests and eventually back to the coast to our camping site – other side of Gwaing River. It was going to be a cold and wet night under the stars. No coastal Marine debris spotted along a prestine coast line. Cannot say the same for the inland . We completed 20km today

Day 3 Friday, Gwaing River (this side of Harolds Bay) to Wilderness, A distance of 20.7km along the coast of which about 7km was along the Choo-Choo railway track – now closed due to landslides

Day 4 Saturday: Wilderness to Sedgefield on the beach!! . A Distance of 20.3km which started at a very slow pace due to the blisters now on both feet. 2.5 km per hour! At the 5 km mark, the tide was continuously pushing out micro plastics with lots and lots of lollipop sticks. hundreds and hundreds in various colours. Also bottle tops which from a distance looked like smarties This continued for another 7 to 8km. We dubbed this beach: lolliepop beach

Arriving at 6pm at a slugging paste in Sedgefieild, I called it a day. My feet were burning and the soles of my feet sensitive due to the blisters.


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